The purposes of the Society shall be: To contribute to the health and welfare of the people of the State of Georgia by enlightening the dental and medical professions and the general public of the State regarding the qualifications and functions of dentists who have been properly trained to practice the specialty of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery.

2016 Summer Meeting Highlights

Fantastic Summer Meeting with Friends and Colleagues The Ritz Carlton Lodge at Reynolds Plantation served as the great family oriented venue that our GSOMS members and families enjoyed for our late summer meeting. It was a last hurrah for those families with children returning to school and for those members without children the Ritz was … read more

OMSPAC, OMS Foundation

If you would like to learn more about OMSPAC, please visit the OMSPAC website. You will need your AAOMS member ID#.

OMS Foundation
If you would like to learn more about the OMS Foundation and its role in the future of the specialty, please visit the OMS Foundation.