GSOMS Forum 3/25/20: Meeting Notes

GSOMS Forum Zoom Meeting Notes
March 25, 2020
7:30 pm

1. Checking in on OMS’s Throughout the State
2. AAOMS Guidelines Regarding PPE and Procedures

Glen Maron/OMSNIC: Legal office staff liability with homemade materials
Virus stays in the air 3-5 hours. Fumigating offices? Room Clean up. Emory if you have aired particles, room needs to be down 1-3 hours and the cleaned. The length of time to be down depends on the function of the air exchange rate in your room. Engineer to help you determine the air exchange in your office.

Share documents from California – Guide to Aerosol Transmissible Diseases

  • Suggests: N95, with mask over the mask and then face shield. You have to be careful how you take your mask off. Bottom first, then the top. Dawning and Doffing process for your gowns.
  • Clearing the room, cleaning it between patients, limiting the staffing.
  • ½ percent Peroxide rinse 60 secs.
  • Asymptomatic person just as contagious? YES, Serum testing will hopefully be out very soon.
  • HVAC systems: particles can circulate in the system? 17 days virus on surfaces. Jeff Schultz will investigate.

3) Update from GA Board of Dentistry – Glenn Maron

Teleconsult Ruling for Remote Consultations
Rule change on telemedicine is within the law. Dentistry did not allowed us to use telehealth. Passed by the Board of Dentisty, Telemedicine emergent, urgent and consultations. Treatment planning. Expiration date is April 15th or if the crisis ends sooner and reevaluate if crisis is still going. If you have a medical license you can do it also. Documentation for consult required for billing. Procedures have to follow. HHS Parameters that are currently there. Link on Board of Dentistry from Glen to send to members. OMNSNIC says we do have coverage.

See Teleconsults doc. attached for link/more details.

4) Update from HOSPITALS

Steve Roser: Emory
Noon today: 1,247 in GA 334 in Hospital. 30 deaths.

Emory: Flu, 450 PUI 225, 128 Positive, ICU 5 we have capacity for ICU: Surge is coming redeployment of resource. Other procedures being done are a fraction of what we do. Time sensitive patients; would be harmed by delay. Evaluate by team based on supplies. Supply chain and personnel attention. Residents are off and weekly doing telemedicine activities.

Alice Coker: WellStar

Kennestone has the most in WellStar HCS. Preparing for the surge. Elective cases are way down. 90 PUI, 25-30 COVID Positive. ER visits are down. All ENT and OMFS procedures have to be done with PAPR equipment.

5) When do we get back to our patients and regular visits? What’s our new normal? Gov. Kemp, GA will go back to earlier than later. Won’t shut things down if he doesn’t have. Will follow President’s recommendations. In GA, certain areas affected than others.

Are we putting our staff in harm’s way? Evaluate Urgent vs. Emergent: Is the patient going to get worse in the next 90 days?

Thanks for participating,

Amy Kuhmichel
GSOMS President