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Five Year Anesthesia’s to Renew  (pdf)

Anesthesia Permit

If you have not yet completed the anesthesia evaluation requirement and you practice under your dental degree, please contact the Georgia Board of Dentistry, 2 Peachtree St., NW, Atlanta, GA 30303. 404.651.8000. You may also access their website for the application at

If you practice under your medical degree, please contact Dr. Antwan Treadway who will arrange for that evaluation to be completed.

Office Anesthesia Evaluation Online

Permits for Additional Offices

A permit is required for each and every location at which you administer conscious sedation or general anesthesia.  This means that each individual must have a permit for each location.  If the location has been previously permitted for another dentist, you must still apply for a permit under your name.

Please contact the GBOD for the application for Conscious Sedation/General Anesthesia Additional Site/Change in Location.  A fee is required for each additional site or change in site.

On the application it allows you to certify that each site for which you are applying is a properly equipped facility.  Upon submission of that certification, the facility evaluation may be waived.  All of the check-off items are required for all permits; except an EKG is not required for moderate enteral or parenteral conscious sedation.  All equipment and supplies must be present and stationary at each site.

Remember to submit to the Board of Dentistry copies of BLS and ACLS and/or PALS CPR cards for yourself and BLS CPR cards for your support personnel.  Board Rules 150-13-.01 Conscious Sedation Permit and 150-13-.02 Deep Sedation/General Anesthesia Permits now require all support personnel who work directly with patients to be certified in BLS CPR and that a minimum of two support personnel be present during the administration of conscious sedation or general anesthesia.

Anesthesia Re-evaluation Program

All Georgia’s Oral Maxillofacial surgeons must complete an anesthesia re-evaluation. Please contact an OMS colleague in your area to conduct your evaluation. Below are the necessary forms for them to complete.

Guidelines for Office Anesthesia Evaluation

Anesthesia Evaluation Form

Attestation form

Attestation Form Satellite Office

Letter to GSOMS Anesthesia Chairman

Letter to GSOMS Office

OAE Exemption Form

Rules for General Anesthesia

The Georgia Dental Board has provided us with rules for anesthesia. They are as follows: The dentist must take four (4) hours of continuing education every two (2) years in pharmacology, anesthesia, emergency medicine or sedation as part of the forty (40) hour requirement for license renewal to maintain certification for the deep sedation/general anesthesia permit. Certification of this continuing education must be submitted at renewal.

The same rule is in effect for the Enteral and/or Combination Inhalation/Enteral Conscious Sedation permit and the Parenteral Conscious Sedation permit.

License by Credentials

License by credentials is available in Georgia. Practitioners with licenses in other states, who have been in practice for 5 years are eligible. This will allow our members, who are practicing on their medical licenses, to obtain dental licenses and then therefore also general anesthesia permits.