Budget, Finance & Auditing: Amy Kuhmichel, Chair
Jennifer Hall
Grant Hogan
Constitution and Bylaws Richard Manus, Chair
Mollie Winston
Shahrokh Bagheri
Ethics & Peer Review Terry R. Ellis, Chair
Yadira Cardona-Robena
Gillian Jones
Health Care Plans Glenn Maron, Chairman
Jeffrey D. Schultz
Jeffrey Prinsell
Hospital Affairs & Medicare Liaison Grant Hogan, Chair
Vincent J. Perciaccante
Fred Simonton
Legislative Jeff Schultz, Chair
Tracy Dillon
Robert Wunderle
Information and Program

Stephanie Drew, Chair
Programs for Spring and Summer 2019

Membership Erik Belinfante, Chair
Steve Pollack
Solon Kao
Nominating Committee Jeff Prinsell, Chair
Glenn Maron
Steve Roser
Anesthesia  Antwan Treadway, Chair
Vincent J. Perciaccante
Amy Kuhmichel
Educational Trust Amy Kuhmichel, Chair
Brett Gray
Roger Myers
Board of Dentistry Member Antwan Treadway
Task Force on Specialty Licensure Vincent J. Perciaccante, Chair
Chris Jo
Grant Hogan
Steven Roser