AAOMS House of Delegates Report

Dear GSOMS colleagues,

The 2017 AAOMS House of Delegates (HOD) convened in San Francisco October 9-11. Despite the tragedy which was occurring in the Napa and Sonoma areas, the caucus sessions, reference committee meetings and the HOD were focused and productive, characterized by poignant discussion and debate, humor, and, solemnity as the HOD recognized fellows and members who had passed away since the 2016 meeting in the third session.

During the first session, the HOD elected Dr. Pushkar Mehra as an ABOMS Director in two ballots.

In keeping with the continued focus, both nationally and at the state level, on the opioid epidemic, the HOD authorized the AAOMS Board of Trustees (BOT) to appoint a Special Committee on Responsible Prescribing to serve as a content expert to existing committees and the BOT. This committee will report to the 2018 HOD. Our specialty continues to be in the crosshairs of political debate with regard to the opioid crisis. Georgia legislators are seemingly more brazen to publicly blame us for the introduction of opioids to “minor” populations via wisdom teeth procedures. For this reason, I recommended to Hank and Dr. Al Pesto that the GSOMS appoint an Ad Hoc committee on opioid legislation which will work separately and in conjunction with the GDA in preparation for the next General Assembly. We will also work with the Georgia Attorney General Task Force on Opioid Abuse as well as the MAG “Think About It” campaign advisory council. Grant Hogan and Amy Kuhmichel agreed to also serve on this important committee.

A resolution was introduced to sunset the AAOMS Committee on Hospital and Interprofessional Affairs. This committee’s function and accomplishments were vigorously defended by previous chairs in our caucus and on the floor of the HOD. The resolution was thusly referred back to the BOT for further evaluation with a report to follow to the 2018 HOD.

The AAOMS Committee on Anesthesia remains a very busy committee with ongoing projects which include an update of the Office Anesthesia Evaluation and development of the AAOMS National Simulation courses. Phase I (Basic Emergency Airway Management – BEAM) is ready for roll out to the membership. Phase II (Office based crisis management) and Phase III (IV Sedation) are in development. A resolution was proposed that would allow extension of the current chair’s term of service from 9-10 years (total time on committee) to allow continuity for completion of the previously mentioned projects. This resolution was defeated.

The HOD voted to approve Resolution B3 (RC) which would increase the consecutive Trustee tenure to three full 2 year terms (previously was two terms). The motivation behind this resolution was to avoid what happened last year when 3 candidates ran for the office of AAOMS Vice President. It was felt that too much BOT experience was lost at one time under that scenario.

There were many resolutions presented to the HOD pertaining to the AAOMS Foundation’s realignment under the AAOMS BOT’s. Many AAOMS committees will now be populated with AAOMS Foundation Directors. The AAOMS Treasurer will now oversee the finances of both the Foundation and the ASI Board. These resolutions all passed under the consent agenda.

The AAOMS 2018 operational budget was approved with Rev/Exp of 20,979,823 and 20, 760, 093 respectively.

Our caucus introduced a resolution to the HOD directing the AAOMS BOT to investigate independent specialty recognition and accreditation. This resolution passed also via the consent agenda and a report will be presented next year. This resolution addressed the ADA’s formation of a new commission for specialty recognition (composed of 9 GD’s, 1 rep from each of the nine ADA recognized specialties and a public member) and CODA’s initiation of a process removing the term “dental specialty” and substituting in its place “advanced dental education”. AAOMS officers and Trustees were present at the recent ADA reference committees and HOD sessions. You will hear much more about this from our District 3 Trustee, Dr. Robert Clark in the near future.

A resolution was proposed to rescind the Life Fellow/Member dues and assessment requirement that was passed last year. This item was defeated. On a humanitarian note, 2018 dues and assessments for OMFS’s practicing in Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands were waived.

It remains a privilege to serve our component society as a delegate in the AAOMS House of Delegates. I know I speak for our other Delegates and Alternate Delegates, Vinny Perciaccante, Solon Kao and Bob Wunderle, in thanking you for your continued support of us and our specialty.

Jeffrey D. Schultz,
DDS AAOMS Delegate